Subcontractor / Vendor Contract Forms

Precision GCC Inc is always looking for new subcontractors and values our continuing subcontractors. We at Precision view our subcontractors as team mates, and work together to bring the best quality work to our clients. Subcontractors will find here valuable resources to best work with Precision and make all steps of the process smooth and efficient.

What you should know before bidding on a job:

Prior To Beginning Work

The following items must be submitted to Precision at the time of signing the subcontract and prior to any deliveries, site activities or work being performed:

  1. Certificate(s) of Insurance please see insurance requirements
  2. Signed W-9 form (obtain your form at: )
  3. Copy of your current active State Contractor's License Card
  4. Copy of your current active Business License for the City in which the above-referenced project is located. (Note: If your work requires you to pull a permit, you will be required to have a Business License prior to permit issuance by the municipality.)
  5. Base Subcontract. This is the agreement between the subcontractor and Precision General Commercial Contractors. Precision General Commercial Contractors does not typically allow changes on any agreements. Please be sure to review the agreement prior to spending any work effort on your bid.

Information For Invoice Submittal

The following items must be included with all invoicing by subcontractors. [Note: Invoice submittal by Precision to the construction lender happens only once per month. For submittal date of each project, inquire with your Project Manager at the job-site.]

  1. Payment Request Form electronically completed with a schedule of values itemized per scope of work as contracted (copy attached).
  2. Signed Conditional waiver and release Upon Progress with each billing for the amount billed minus 10% retention (i.e., $100 billed = $90 to be released and paid on draw and remaining 10% will be paid at the end of the project). (Blank form for your use is attached.)
  3. Signed Unconditional Release Upon Progress for all amounts previously paid (Forms attached to payments)
Forms Description Download
Prevailing wage requirementsOn specific projects the prevailing wage requirements must be fulfilled. Subcontractors must acknowledge the requirements, and return with the signed subcontract agreement..doc
Conditional ReleaseSubcontractor Conditional Lien Release.doc
Subcontractor WarrantySubcontractors will fill out and submit a subcontractor warranty along with the "conditional waiver and release upon final" and all the manufacturer warranties of material used and/or installed..doc

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